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SPIME Festival - S.H.A.R.E

SPIME is a device that aims to connect free music collectives from different countries of Europe.

Through these shared experiences, we hope to arouse artistic desires and create links of exchange, mutual aid and solidarity between musicians and geographically distant activists.

SPIME is a common project by Le Fondeur de Son and Anis Gras - Le Lieu de l'Autre - which aims to create an extraordinary space-time above all temporarily, a spatiotemporal zone of experimentation and discovery. It brings together practices, knowledges, ideas, and to create new ones.

Regularly, SPIME invites European musicians from these different European free music collectives and transforms itself into a creative laboratory, articulated around exchanges of practices, direct improvisation scenarios, projections in the collective composition, meetings...

Via SPIME, Le Fondeur de Son has forged strong links with collectives and individuals across Europe: Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Turkey, Poland…

SPIME is also the defense of a certain ideology through the practice of pure improvisation, a source of free dialogue between artists from sometimes very distant backgrounds.

Join us here -> Improvizers Without Borders .

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