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Punk Puppet Ritual

Punk Puppet Ritual is part of the art and research Project « Improvisation Ritual Laboratory » in which international artists from the fields of music / composition, dance, performance, puppetry and painting, visual arts, poetry...a.s.o. have come together, to research and exchange on the purpose of ritual and improvisation.

The Founders of this Collective are :

Anna Adensamer (dance / choreography), Yoram Rosilio (doublebass, composition) Uygur Vural (Cello, composition) and Elena Waclawiczek (visual art performances, dance)

These artists bring their different artistic backgrounds and medias together, wich makes the Punk Puppet Ritual a performance concept based on the method of ritual, a transmedial experience that includes music, dance, light, theatre, performance and improvisation.
The stage becomes an openly accessible experiment in which performance and audience melt.

We see Improvisation as one of the most radical art forms, according to freedom in dealing with tradition, with ways of playing and rules. And at the same time it requires the highest sensitivity of all participants for each other and the environment, which is a parallel to the concept of the so called "Free Society". The aim of this Ritual is using the method of improvisation to convene the forces of healing and transformation.


Traditional rituals being found everywhere on Earth in all human societies, bring us back to the deep roots of the human being, in his relation to the world, creation of symbolism, imagination, communication and existential questions. Including rituals of possession or shamanism, they have social, magical, religious, spectacular and therapeutic dimensions. In reality, most of these rituals are never defined as "artistic", they are part of dayly life, giving rhythm, cleansing, transformation...

The ritual on the one hand prescribes a conscious order and on the other contains all possibilities, it is the frame in which the "magical" transformation can take place.

A ritual is the ensemble of gestures, symbols, sounds, prayers, colors that are set up to create imaginary worlds, communicate with magic and to heal the bads (physical or psychological) of the living beings.


Puppets have been present in human history for thousands of years and can be understood as a general symbol for animated objects.

Traditional rituals "situations" offer participants a sensory experience during which the personality can be annihilated and become the toy, the "puppet" of the invisible (possession rituals); the ego disappears to leave room for the pure expression of the unconscious, liberating and true.

The puppet is an unanimated matter which recieves its soul in theater, performance and ritual, where it appears with will and possibilities to act in the world. Punk Puppet Ritual proposes an exploration of the sensible frontier between the matter and the spirit.


Punk stands for a subversive, radical mental attitude, which is dedicated to the reinterpretation of society, the construction of alternative structures and the maximum freedom of the individual.

It is a culture of constant rebellion, which creates situations of extreme tension that find resolution in the completion of the personality.
The Punk Puppet Ritual works with its contemporary context of modern society, dealing with our nowadays issues, is deconstructing ideas and believes.

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Punk Puppets Ritual (approximately max.: 1h30) has been performed in:

  • "MIA – Encontros de Músika Improvisada"/ Portugal, May 2018

  • "Schmiede Hallein – Playground of Ideas"/ Austria, September 2019

  • "Festival de la Poésie – Anis Gras"/ France, November 2019


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