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LFDS Records Label & Le Fondeur de Son

« Le Fondeur de Son » is a musicians collective dedicated to the advancement and production of creative, revolutionary, and non-commercial music.

Created in the Paris region in 2012 by Yoram Rosilio, Colline Henry, Benoit Guenoun and Bérénice Rossier, « Le Fondeur de Son » provides logistical, administrative and financial support for demanding and daring artistic projects.

In order to fight against the enormous pressures of conformity in our current time, its mission is to help creative musicians maintain their complete artistic integrity while at the same time attempting to reach the widest possible audience for their music.

In that sence, « Le Fondeur de Son » became in 2016 a record label : LFDS Records, co-directed and organized by Yoram Rosilio and the members of the organisation. 

In a context of precariousness within a hyper-commodified recording industry, this label is based on values ​​of independence, support, meeting and sharing.


It is part of the history of independent jazz and improvised music labels founded by musicians such as Charles Mingus, Max Roach, Sun Ra, Paul Bley...

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