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Anti RubBer brAiN fActOrY

The "Anti RuBer BrAiN FacToRy" (A.r.b.f) is a nebula of sound experimentation that fights against brain formatting and Mass Culture. 

In a nutshell, it's an initiative of cultural destabilization designed to awaken the world from its dreamy lethargic comforts by offering a seamless and uncompromising music to a maximum audience.

I founded The « Anti RubbEr BrAiN Fact0rY » (ARBF) in 2008

Since then, it is made up of musicians from different artistic backgrounds: jazz, electronic musics, improvisation, noise, traditional musics, classical music...

Perfectly unclassifiable, this constantly changing orchestra offers many repertoires, shaping an ever-renewed sound material, according to the concept of Free Experimental Traditional Music.

Drawing these sources from many sound universes ranging from traditional Maghrebian music to Free Jazz, including Rebetiko, musics from Puglia, Finnish waltzes or even swing, noise music and total improvisation, the ARBF develop a free, funny and edgy dialogue between contemporary sounds, legacies and projections in the Cosmos.

Abolishing all borders, working on a permanent alchemy between improvisation and composition, the ARBF invent and experiment new forms of sound collaboration, of collective composition, thanks to occi (« Outils de Composition Collective Instantanée ») and implement new methods of collective improvisation and moving orchestration made up of evolving tools available to all musicians.

For 13 years, the Anti RubBer brAiN fACt0rY has performed numerous concerts in France and Morocco, and released  not less than 8 records.


The 9th and 10th records are in preparation.

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